Benefits of Potash Fertilizer

Potash fertilizer is used by gardeners all over the world. It keeps plants healthy by allowing nutrients and sugars to move throughout the plant, helping to keep it stress and disease free. Potash fertilizer is therefore an essential ingredient in your for the garden for producing good crops of vegetables and beautiful flowers.

Using a potassium fertilizer such as potash helps to increase the use of other nutrients in the plant and promotes root growth. It also helps to cope with drought situations and increases the plant's ability to survive in frosty conditions. In agriculture potash fertilizers help grains and fruits to increase the protein oil and vitamin C in their harvest, and gives food a better color and flavor. It retains it's nutritional value for longer when packed for storage or travelling purposes.

For a gardener potash is an important ingredient for:

  • Fighting disease and resisting pests
  • Plants grow faster and healthier
  • Plants will produce better flowers, vegetables and fruits
  • Plants are more drought resistant

Successive harvests will gradually diminish the potash from the soil, and it's therefore necessary to replenish this so that future crops will benefit from the fertilizer.

What is potash?

Potash is a natural substance that occurs when wood is burnt. The word potash is derived from 'potaschen', an old Dutch name for the process of leaching wood ashes and then evaporating the solution in pots, the white residue thus produced became known as potash carbonate.

Potash has now become the general term used for products such as potassium fertilizers containing potash. It's also found in the sea, and there are many mines throughout the world that harvest potash for the commercial world. Depending upon the source, it can also come in different colors such as white, red and pink.

Sulfate of Potash aka Potassium Sulphate

The two most popular types of potash fertilizer are Muriate of Potash (Potassium chloride) and Sulfate of Potash (Potassium sulfate). Gardeners who produce their own compost from food by-products will also realize that the compost is an excellent source of potassium. Banana peel has a very high potassium level and should always be added to home grown compost. Whereas wood ash can also be used, it's possible to easily burn the plants so care should always be taken.

Grow stronger, healthier plants

Potassium based fertilizers are fantastic for growing strong, healthy and disease resistant plants. Every gardener knows that plants need to be fed the right ingredients in order to survive. To save yourself a lot of heartache, be sure that you are aware of the plant's particular nutritional needs when buying new ones for the garden.

Daily watering in dry conditions enables the nutrients to be easily absorbed by the roots, and when used on crops such as tomatoes and potatoes you will reap an abundance of produce. Applied correctly, potash fertilizer will reward you with quality high yielding crops and the beautiful, colorful flowers that you're looking for.